3 Unusual Items You Want To Make Sure Your Loved One Takes To An Assisted Living Facility

When you are moving a loved one into an assisted living facility, you want to ensure that he or she has everything that he or she needs in order to be comfortable and feel happy in the facility. You will likely bring pictures to help remind him or her about everything that has been accomplished in his or her life, knick knacks from family members, and other items that will allow your loved one to feel at home. [Read More]

Adjusting To Independent Living

If your loved one has a home that is too big for them to maintain any longer due to mobility issues, you may want to have them look into moving into an independent living residence. These facilities are either in apartment or home form, in an area where several other elderly residents live close by. Your relative would life in a safe area with several amenities at their disposal. While an independent living area is secure and monitored, your loved one may still have a bit of difficulty getting used to their new home. [Read More]

Choosing the Best Place in Which to Recover from Total Knee Surgery

You've taken the important step to have your arthritic knee joint replaced with an artificial joint. Where you recover from this major surgery affects the success of the entire procedure. You want your knee to recover as quickly as possible. You may find that recovering at home is challenging because of the distractions around you. A focused recovery time in a short-term rehabilitation center may be the best way to insure that your knee heals properly and you gain your strength back. [Read More]