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3 Unusual Items You Want To Make Sure Your Loved One Takes To An Assisted Living Facility

When you are moving a loved one into an assisted living facility, you want to ensure that he or she has everything that he or she needs in order to be comfortable and feel happy in the facility. You will likely bring pictures to help remind him or her about everything that has been accomplished in his or her life, knick knacks from family members, and other items that will allow your loved one to feel at home. You will also bring necessities such as your loved one's clothes, favorite soaps and shampoos, and other hygiene materials. Here are some unusual items that you might not think to help your loved one pack.

1. Condoms

This might seem like a crazy thing to pack, but you want to make sure that your loved one has a pack of male condoms with him or her, regardless of gender. This is because many people living in assisted living facilities will become intimate with one another and will not use protection because there is no chance of anyone becoming pregnant. This is a mistake because STDs are still passed from person to person. In order to make sure that your loved one does not suffer any discomfort or embarrassment, make sure that he or she has male condoms to protect against STDs.

2. Technology

Before your loved one leaves, make sure that he or she has a way to contact the outside world. See if your loved one would be interested in a tablet or a smartphone so that he or she can play games, talk to your and other family members online, and entertain him or herself. If your loved one would like such an item, purchase it, along with at least two charging cables to make sure that the technology is usable even if one charger is lost. Give your love done a crash course in the basics of using the item. Being able to feel more connected with family members in remote locations could make your loved one feel more comfortable in the facility.

3. Board Games

Finally, make sure that your loved one brings board games or puzzles. These are great group activities that your loved one can use to break the ice with the other residents and make new friends. By having these built-in opportunities for social engagement, you can make sure that your loved one will feel accepted in his or her new community. 

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