6 Benefits Of Exercise For Seniors

Exercise is very beneficial for seniors, but many of them shy away from it because they worry about getting injured. The truth is that not exercising can pose more risks. If your elderly loved one is reluctant to exercise, you should explain how it can help them. Here are six benefits of exercise for seniors you should know about: It Improves Memory and Thinking Skills Alzheimer's disease and dementia are more common in the elderly, so it is very important for them to stay mentally sharp. [Read More]

Who Are Some Good Candidates For In-Home Health Care?

In-home health care from facilities like Hillcrest Nursing Center provides a variety of services for people in need, from daily activities to nursing care. Here are some people that can benefit from in-home health care so you can decide if this is something you need or not. People Who Need Rehabilitation The first group of people that can benefit from in-home health care services are people who are going through rehabilitation. [Read More]

Tips For Helping The Seniors In Your Assisted Living Facility Avoid Falls

Falling as a senior citizen can have serious consequences. Falling down can cause seniors to break their bones and can seriously compromise their health. Here are five tips that can help you minimize falls among the seniors who live in your assisted living community. These tips will help you be a more responsive caregiver.  Learn Which Seniors Are At Risk Of Falling The first thing you need to do is learn which residents are more likely to fall. [Read More]

Parent Have Alzheimer's Disease And Seems To Be Depressed? How An Adult Day Care Center Can Help

It can be difficult to determine if a person that has Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is depressed. This is because their symptoms of depression may be masked by their symptoms of AD. If you think your parent has this problem, you should seek help from a professional to determine if you are right. If so, an adult day care center may be able to help your parent feel better. There are centers that have a staff that have training and special education for working with people that have AD. [Read More]