Taking Care of Your Folks During Their Golden Years

How People Play An Important Role In Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities can offer excellent amenities and living spaces. But one factor that you shouldn't overlook when evaluating the potential of a retirement home is the people involved. Here are some of the people that play a key role in the retirement home experience for your loved one. 


The caretakers can play a big role in helping seniors integrate into the community. Your loved one will likely interact with their assigned caretaker many times a day, so make sure to meet the person you will be assigned to ahead of time to make sure there is a good personality fit. 

Other Residents

The other residents in an assisted living community are a valuable source of social interaction. When you're evaluating an assisted living facility, be sure to look at how active and social the residents are. Having a structured social environment is another great sign. If there are many scheduled social activities each day, this can create a forum for residents to interact regularly. Some assisted living facilities even assign mentors to each newcomer; these are older residents who can help your loved one adjust to the new facility. 


Finally, your input will be valuable throughout assisted living. You are a great link for your senior, since you will know them better than any of the staff. You can provide a lot of valuable insight to your loved one's temperament, as well as the activities and memories that mean a lot to them. You also can play a role in overseeing the level of care to make sure that it is appropriate. With simple communication with your retirement home facility's managers, you may be able to provide little bits of feedback that result in a greatly increased quality of life. 

So, when you are evaluating an assisted living facility, such as The Cedars, it's important to look at the intangibles as well as the intangibles. See how well your loved one gets along with the staff beforehand. It can be very helpful to have your senior visit the facility on many opportunities before you commit to a place in the assisted living community. It matters how you interact with the staff as well, since great communication and a positive relationship with the staff can help you to provide the best atmosphere for your loved one. Be sure that you get comfortable with your retirement home staff before you make a decision.