Taking Care of Your Folks During Their Golden Years

Adjusting To Independent Living

If your loved one has a home that is too big for them to maintain any longer due to mobility issues, you may want to have them look into moving into an independent living residence. These facilities are either in apartment or home form, in an area where several other elderly residents live close by. Your relative would life in a safe area with several amenities at their disposal. While an independent living area is secure and monitored, your loved one may still have a bit of difficulty getting used to their new home. Here are some tips to use to help them make the transition easily.

Consolidate Items

When moving to an independent living home, your loved one may find that their square footage is much less than their current home. This allows them to move around freely without excessive staircases or wasted space. If they find they are moving to a much smaller home, items will need to be consolidated. Hold a sale at their old home to get rid of items they will not be needing in their new home. 

Often independent living quarters will come with furniture already in place. If furniture is not needed, old pieces can be donated, sold, or traded for an item that would be useful in their new home. If your loved one is having difficulty letting things go, rent a storage unit to house items for a few months as they get used to their new home. After they become accustomed to living there, they may be in a better position to think about unloading old items.

Join New Groups

One of the first things your loved one should do after moving into their new home is find out what amenities the area has to offer. They will no longer be doing maintenance to their yard or heavy cleaning, so they will now be able to enjoy fun things to pass the time. Have them sign up for an exercise group, a book reading club, or weekly trips to a shopping mall. Place the dates of the activities on a calendar for your loved one to hang in their home so they will not forget when the activities are held. This is the first step in making friends in the new area. 

Set A Schedule

Once your loved one knows which activities in the area they would like to join, you can help them set a daily schedule so they stay active and busy. Find out when a local service brings residents to a grocery store or if there is a cafeteria on-site where your loved one will be able to get meals. Place meal times on a calendar to help them schedule their activities around the times when food is served, so they do not miss out on dinner. Place a few dates on the calendar when you will be able to visit, giving them something to look forward to in the future as they get used to their new home.

Enjoy The Area

Encourage your loved one to talk short strolls down the streets or on the grounds of the independent living facility where they are staying. They may find other people within the community do the same, and it will allow them to familiarize themselves with who lives in the other homes nearby. Place a bench or chair on the porch of your loved one's new home so they can go outdoors each day to get fresh air and see others in the area who may be passing by.

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