Taking Care of Your Folks During Their Golden Years

Parent Have Alzheimer's Disease And Seems To Be Depressed? How An Adult Day Care Center Can Help

It can be difficult to determine if a person that has Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is depressed. This is because their symptoms of depression may be masked by their symptoms of AD. If you think your parent has this problem, you should seek help from a professional to determine if you are right. If so, an adult day care center may be able to help your parent feel better. There are centers that have a staff that have training and special education for working with people that have AD.

Adult Day Care Benefits

An adult day care can be very beneficial, as it gets your parent out of the house. It also gives you a break, if you are the one that takes care of them at home.

There are many other benefits adult day care will provide to your parent. They benefit mentally by interacting with other people that are dealing with AD. They will enjoy a structured environment with planned events and activities. It can also help your parent feel more independent and raise their self-esteem. This, along with medication your parent's doctor may provide, will likely help ease some of their depression symptoms.

What to Look for in an Adult Day Care Center

When visiting an adult day care center, there are certain things you should look for. They should provide snacks and meals, and provide personal care, such as toileting and eating, if your parent needs help with these things. Many centers offer medical programs, such as physical therapy and nursing care services.

Some adult day care programs will provide transportation to and from the center. You should also look for flexibility. You may not be able to afford full-time adult day care, so look for centers that will allow your parent to attend a few days a week or half days.

If your parent has to take medication during the day, make sure the adult day care center offers medication management.

Visit adult day care centers like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living in your area to determine the one best for your parent. Your parent's doctor may also know of some adult day care centers that have a good reputation. Talk with the staff members, and spend some time there. Look at the seniors and see if they look happy. If your parent is not far along in their AD, take them with you to help decide which center is best for them.