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Alternative Treatment Options To Help Your Loved One With Memory Problems

If you have a loved one with memory problems, there are many approaches that you can take to help slow the memory loss. Some care providers recommend alternative therapies to help reach patients both emotionally and mentally. Here are a few common therapies that can prove beneficial for some patients with Alzheimer's and other memory problems.


Music therapy is a great way to trigger memories and emotions. Playing familiar music can trigger memories for patients with memory problems, and can even help to improve your loved one's mood. Consider playing upbeat music to help your family member feel more energetic and happier. Not only should you play familiar songs, but you should also play new and unfamiliar music. This allows your loved one to relax and enjoy the sounds without adding memories to process, which can be a nice relief sometimes.


Animals are great for therapy of all kinds. For Alzheimer's patients and those with other memory problems, animals can be used to help ease depression. If your loved one has a soft spot for animals, consider a pet for therapeutic purposes. Additionally, having a pet provides your loved one with an opportunity to maintain regular exercise, such as walking a service dog. Whether you opt for a dog or even a cat, the companionship will help to soothe your loved one's anxieties.


Art therapy is great for those who are creative and inspired. Sometimes, just being able to go through the familiar motions of creating artwork and design is enough to soothe the anxieties of a struggling memory and difficulties with expressing thoughts. Craft projects like scrapbooking can even provide your loved one with an opportunity to revisit some memories and help to reinforce them.

Since language skills can deteriorate as memory problems progress, it is important to provide opportunities like this for your family member, because they may become one of their only methods of expression over time. Sometimes adding the motor skill element as you would by completing crafts is enough to help your loved one maintain some level of communication.

With so many different methods to help ease memory problems and deal with conditions like Alzheimer's, it's important that you consider each of them carefully. Think about what types of things may help your loved one and tailor the treatment plan according to their personal interests. With the help of a medical team that understands memory deterioration, you can help prolong his or her quality of life. Facilities like Gateway Living can offer more support and information about Alzheimer's and memory problems.