Taking Care of Your Folks During Their Golden Years

Continuing To Have A Fulfilling Life In Assisted Living

As you start planning a move to assisted living, you may be concerned that you won't be able to continue living a full and purposeful life there. You are limited by some physical issues, but you aren't entirely disabled and your mind is sharp. Use some helpful strategies to maintain -- and even improve -- your quality of life once you make this move. 

Consider Your Bucket List

The idea of a bucket list involves writing up all the things you still want to accomplish in your life. If you haven't already made one, don't assume that doing so is an exercise in futility. Consider your strengths and the possibilities. Then look for an assisted living facility that makes it easy for you to do some of the activities you've listed.

If you want to leave the residence on a regular basis, for example, find a facility that provides transportation. Maybe you want to complete some higher education coursework in a particular subject or enroll in art classes at a local museum. Choose a facility that will make these opportunities possible. 

Get Involved

Once you move in, make an effort to meet people and take part in various activities. You don't have to pursue opportunities you personally find uninteresting, but assisted living communities generally schedule many recreational, education and entertainment events on the calendar. You might attend card-playing or board-playing game afternoon groups, go to lectures on various topics by area experts, and become a regular at movie night. 


Many assisted living communities need volunteers among the residents for various activities. For instance, the residents may take responsibility for tending a vegetable garden or flower gardens on the grounds.  

Continue Your Hobbies

Moving to assisted living will still allow you to do at least some of your hobbies.

If you love reading novels, for instance, you may have access to a municipal bookmobile or transportation to the library. If you enjoy cooking, make sure you choose a facility where you have the option to do so. If you love companion animals but haven't been able to care for one, find a community that includes dogs or cats -- or both -- among its residents and allows those animals to roam about the facility. 

Stay Positive

It's not always easy to stay positive when life hands you a circumstance you never would have wanted. Nevertheless, a positive attitude is a key to having a happy and fulfilling life once you move to assisted living. Consider the advantages of this residence, such as not having to maintain a house and property, and the ability to easily interact with many people. Focus on the things you can still do and enjoy, and know that you still have a purpose in life.