Taking Care of Your Folks During Their Golden Years

A Checklist for Transitioning to Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are an excellent option for providing some additional support to a loved one while allowing them to live independently. During the first few weeks of assisted living, it can be a challenge to help your parent settle into their new home. Here are some items that will make the transition easier.

Visit Prior to the Move

It's important to warm your parent up to the idea of the move by getting them familiar with the facility ahead of time. Besides the initial tour, your facility's director should be able to set up lunches and other activities so that you can spend some time on the premises before the big move. If your parent has a specific interest, such as the community pool or swing dance classes, explore these activities before the move.

Take Care of the Move for Them

Decision fatigue can deplete your parent's mood well before they arrive at their new home. That's why you should take care of all of the move details and the little decisions for them. You might want to sit down and discuss which items can be thrown out and which should go to the new place, but from then on, try to deal with the logistics on your own.

Transfer Items Ahead of Time

One thing that can be jarring for an elderly parent is arriving at a new home that's devoid of any of their possessions. You can avoid this shock by moving everything and furnishing the room before your parent arrives. You might have your parent stay at home with you for a few days while you and the movers work on transporting the belongings and setting up the new room

Meet People Right Away

One of the great benefits of assisted living facilities for seniors is the social support that it provides. You can make the transition more exciting by helping your parent to immediately make some new friends and get excited about the social opportunities. Your facility's director should be able to facilitate this by giving your parent a tour and helping them to meet neighbors. Check the social calendar for the facility and attend a few events with your parent to give them some encouragement.

With the right care, you can help your parent feel at home in a new assisted living arrangement. Assisted living facilities understand the needs of new residents, and they will be there to help you and your loved one feel at home in the new situation.