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Dealing With Dementia? Simple Solutions For Stress-Free Care Of An Elderly Parent With Dementia

Watching a healthy parent age can be difficult, but watching a parent with dementia can be stressful and overwhelming. Since dementia causes memory loss, personality changes, paranoia, and aggression; patients with the condition are unable to live independently. Unfortunately, this may cause you to begin the role of caregiver. Considering an estimated 44 million people suffer with Alzheimer's disease or a related form of dementia, your parent may require your help to live safely. Of course, this can create a physical, emotional, and financial burden on you and your family. If you are currently caring for a parent with dementia, consider these simple solutions to reduce your stress.

Equipment for the Home

In most cases, your elderly parent will not be able to move around safely in your home. In addition, many patients with dementia are unable to complete routine daily tasks without assistance. To make your role as caregiver less stressful, consider equipping your home with safety equipment and mobility aids. Here are a few to consider:

  • Lifts – A variety of lifts are available for elderly patients with memory disorders. Chair lifts are great option if your parent is unable to get in and out of a chair without falling. If your home has two stories, invest in a stair lift, as well. The installation of this lift may seem challenging and expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment for your parent's safety.
  • Bathing Aids – Bathing chairs and stools are essential for patients with dementia. They allow a safe, comfortable surface for your parent to rest while showering or bathing. Be sure to add slip-resistant pads to the bottom of the tub or shower stall to prevent slips and falls. Also, handrails can help your parent get in and out of the tub without difficulty.

Equipping your home with safety equipment and mobility aids helps your parent feel independent without the risk of injury. However, they can also decrease the time and energy you use on completing simple daily tasks.

Hired Help

Helping a parent with dementia may be a goal you prefer to complete on your own, but giving up your other responsibilities may not be possible. Unfortunately, patients with dementia-related disorders require supervision 24 hours a day, so hiring professionals to care for your parent while you are away is a great option.

Professional nurses can visit your home on a regular schedule, assisting your parent with various tasks and providing medical care if necessary. This allows you the opportunity to work, run errands, or care for your own children without worrying about your parent's safety. 

Of course, in-home care may not be an option, so your parent will need a safe location while you are away from the home. Assisted living facilities are available and offer experienced care for elderly patients who have dementia. 

Dementia may directly affect your elderly parent, but it can also alter your family's lifestyle. Using these tips, you can reduce the stress of caring for your parent with dementia. 

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